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About Us

JeansWOW.com established in the spring of 2009, as prominent reaction to the unprecedented economic and cultural shifts in the US and the world at large. Amidst the clash between the rise of the social media generation and ever volatile global market, JeansWOW.com realized its purpose as a social and commercial bridge linking these two opposite yet codependent forces.

On the surface, JeansWOW.com is a premier online retail website, featuring a unique line of denim products that are the chic, hip, and contemporary for the social media generation. JeansWOW.com believes that being in-style and chic should not solely reply on one's financial capacity but it should reflect their creativity and more importantly their self-awareness.

JeansWOW.com promotes self-awareness by providing an online community where its customers can engage and share their own personal fashion style and interests.

JeansWOW.com are the exclusive carriers for the IMIS denim brand. IMIS, acronym for "I am in style" which is the quintessential reflection for the JeansWOW.com philosophy.

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